Morence Mpora annual report 2015


Love and greetings from the Mpora Rural Family we are doing well with our projects on grass root and all the community is happy on the progress/ development programmes.

This year is ending and we have done what is possible to improve on our environment.


There are 120 children on the sponsorship programme in different classes and age between 4-20 and there are 920 children in our 2 schools.


We cater for their school dues and all basic needs including medical care etc.


Primary school project there are 320 children at school and 14 teachers 5 non teaching staff the school is built in temporary structures (mud and clay) and on a rental land we have improved academically by having more extra teaching (coaching classes) and most of the children are being attended to.

The primary seven class is doing their national examination in the month of November for the promotion to secondary school.


There are 600 students, 21 teachers and 10 non teaching staff.

The senior four students have started their national examination (UNEB) October – November 2015.


The trees are growing well and almost a natural forest as per our vision  we had planted 10,000 pine trees and 8000 pine trees alive.

We have a new tree planting project of 10,000 eucalyptus, it is growing well, soon we get a 2nd forest of eucalyptus trees and it needs a lot of man power.


We still rear tilapia fish in one pond it is doing well with home use and we hope to enlarge it for more fish.


We have planted a lot of food staff which include, cassava, beans, corns, sweet potatoes, yams and G.nuts, some crops did not come out well due to seasonal changes.


Some visitors have come in and it needs more publicity and update of our website.


  • Primary school and secondary school have improved academically and cooperation with teacher and the local community.
  • Donations at the right time from Chrita and Margit
  • A well stocked library with some text books.
  • 120 children are maintained on the sponsorship programme.
  • Reservation water tanks have helped a lot at both schools.
  • Got more farm tools.
  • Started a new tree planting project eucalyptus trees.
  • Many More needy children have come in and are staying at our home stay.
  • Good cooperation with neighbour schools.


  • Primary school in temporary structures
  • Lack of enough tools and equipments
  • Lack of enough financial support to improve on school projects
  • Poor harvests due to seasonal changes on agriculture
  • Lack of power / light at the childrens’ hostel
  • We need o construct a new big fish pond
  • Both schools need wire mesh fencing
  • Teachers salaries to be increased
  • we need a sick bay for the sick children / students
  • We need school kitchen and a canteen
  • Lack of enough text books for the secondary school.


  • To improve on agriculture production and tree planting
  • Construction of anew big fish pond
  • Purchase more farm tools
  • Organize more scholastic materials for both schools
  • Improve on children’s health and academics
  • Improve on eco-tourism and publicity
  • To solicit more funding to support the organization mainly school projects
  • To organize more seminars / workshops for teachers plus students
  • To organize some volunteer teachers
  • Improve on our tree planting projects for environmental protection.
  • Lack of enough text books for the secondary school


Accept our sincerely thanks to you all who have donated to Mpora Rural Family with ideas, suggestions, financially and visitation to be what it is now, I am very proud and happy for your support which has made a lot of differences and developments to our child-care sponsoring program. You are so kind and thoughtful, so this message is meant to bring you a sincerely and very grateful word of thanks for everything – all financial support has done much on school dues, medical care, scholastic materials, some food etc and good environment for the children and the community.

May God richly bless you.


Morence Mpora

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